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Copyright Anna Columbine.

Copyright Anna Columbine.

Volunteering for us

We invite arts journalists to donate writings about contemporary and historical Yorkshire artists and exhibitions to the Journal. As an arts writer you will see your articles published and shared via our increasingly engaged social networks. As a young publication we have an engaged readership and have already gained an impressive following on Twitter, reaching artists, curators, art historians, galleries and magazines. This is your chance to share your writing with such an audience, and to be part of a growing British art journal.

Depending on your article selections you will be encouraged to interact with artists, interviewing them, learning about their processes and aims. You will improve your research, critical and analytical skills through article preparation and drafting. Should you need support with any of this, we can provide pointers and guidance, especially in terms of interview and research skills.


Yorkshire Art Journal is a relatively new arts publication that seeks to delve into the rich history and significant contemporary existence of art across Yorkshire. The Journal contains analytical articles that explore specific aspects of Yorkshire-based contemporary artists’ work, alongside historical features, artist interviews, and exhibition and gallery reviews. We enjoy engaging with a host of artists, gallery owners, curators, historians and journalists in order to create original pieces that tell quality stories.


We are searching for writers with creative flair, keen to develop their critical thinking and visual analytical skills. You are passionate about art and exhibitions, keen to interview artists and to conduct art historical research in order to produce well-rounded, professional and thoughtful articles. You are also preferably interested in collaboration with others, corresponding with artists and gallery owners as well as editors.

Article submission guide:

Articles should be around 700 – 1,000 words long, with an upper limit of 1,200.

Your work will always be edited before publication.
Articles must contain high quality images and references for any unoriginal content.
Pieces must be fresh and not appear on any other site.
Your name will appear beneath your article and you will be noted within our ‘Contributors’ page.

All writing contributions are made on a voluntary basis, as Yorkshire Art Journal is a non-profit organisation.

Please contact Katherine to pitch your article ideas or simply to find out more:

Thank you for your interest in Yorkshire Art Journal.