Afterglow Anthology

Afterglow / Volume III
Karolina Zglobicka, 'Symptoms', oil on canvas, 2014.

Karolina Zglobicka, ‘Symptoms’, oil on canvas, 2014. Copyright the artist.

“Heart-meltingly beautiful”A.L.

We are very proud to present Yorkshire Art Journal’s Afterglow Anthology, featuring work by 27 dedicated artists and writers in response to the notion of an afterglow.

Featured artists and writers:
Janey Walklin, Judy Sale, Helen Boden, Charles Bane Jr., Simon Ward, Nick Coley, Ki Yan Yoong, Diana Wilkins, Lucy Barker, Jane Duke, Pip Dickens, Becky Spence, Anna Lilleengen, Sarah Arriagada, Serena Smith, Bridget Askew, Karen Purple, Nicola Wiltshire, Katherine April, Pete Lancaster, Dan Booth, Verity Harr, Karolina Zglobicka, David A. Burrows, Robert Mead, Eleanor Wyman, Sue Lozynskyj & Alex Ball

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