Historical Feature: John Atkinson Grimshaw

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Historical feature / John Atkinson Grimshaw / Yorkshire Art Journal

Nineteenth-century painter John Atkinson Grimshaw was born and died in Leeds. His haunting, mystical work consists primarily of landscapes, ranging in tone from dimly lit and unnerving to golden and ethereal, while engaging with beaches, boats, fairies and female portraiture. This is the work of a proficient artist who created esoteric, beguiling paintings reminiscent of illustrated fairy tales that I would repeatedly gaze at as a little girl.

Atkinson Grimshaw will be Yorkshire Art Journal’s first Historical Feature artist; posts exploring a variety of themes will allow us to explore the potential thoughts and passions of this elusive artist. Little is known of his life and few critical writings exist on his paintings, making for exciting and original articles to come.

Above: John Atkinson Grimshaw, Moonlight, Wharfedale. 1871. Oil on card, 44.4 x 34.3 cm. Private Collection.



  1. D. Woodall Peterson says

    I have long admired Grimshaw’s work. Look forward to your blogs.


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